Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Can I Stop Being A Bag Lady?


    "the fastest way to load and unload"

    STOP carrying bags! The extra weight will strain your back, neck and shoulders not to mention your arms. After a lot of research (thank you Jeff :), I decided to buy an Easy Wheels Jumbo Elite Chrome Shopping Cart. It is light-weight, easy to store and very versatile. In fact, I store the cart in my laundry room so it is easy to get to. And, I no longer carry bags.

    Top Five Reasons to Buy the Easy Wheels Cart:

  1. solid genuine rubber tires

  2. it folds flat

  3. weighs 15 lbs

  4. can hold up to 150 lbs

  5. easily hooks onto grocery carts


  1. On the pool deck: It can easily be transported in a car even as small as the Honda Fit (love the Fit! thank you Bryant Lee - Huntington Beach Honda). I can put three swim bags, a plastic tub with water bottles, powder and ear solution, (2) shower bags, (2) lunch boxes, three towels, (2) cozy jackets, a purse and still have room for my coffee thermos. The best part... it stands off the ground so everything inside stays dry.

  2. Carry grocery bags home from the market: I can easily fit four to five recyclable shopping bags. Walking to my local market keeps my parking space, adds exercise to my day and saves gas.

  3. Holds a week's worth of library books - that would 25 books for our house. I would bet money that you have a local library in your neighborhood that is less than one mile round trip. My girls ride their scooters and I push my cart.


  1. I am not a fan of WalMart, in fact never shop there. However, I had money in a PayPal account and was able to order the cart on line and pay with PayPal at WalMart. I did not pay for shipping because I picked the cart up at my local store. The cart is also listed on line at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  2. Cost of the Cart: Between $50 - $60


1. Burn Calories by walking with your cart. Walk just half a mile and burn the following...

  • 34 calories if you weigh 130 lbs

  • 37 calories if you weigh 140 lbs

  • 40 calories if you weigh 150 lbs

  • 42 calories if you weigh 160 lbs

2. Fun Read: The Push Cart War, A popular children's book written by Jean Merrill and illustrated by Ronni Salbert. It was published in 1964 and concerns a war between pushcart peddlers and delivery trucks in New York City.

3. The country looses 119 million lost working days due to back pain.


Easy Wheels Cart

(1) Plastic Tub with Handles: for wet towels, swim suits, wet suits, etc. Just carry it into your house and drop if front of your washer. To keeps you from loosing and parts during travel. Also good for soaking sting ray wounds.

First Aid Kit

Small Container of Vinegar: pour on jelly fish stings!

Rain Umbrella / Beach Umbrella

Roll of Paper Towels

Baby Wipes

Hand Gel

Plenty of Mint Gum :)

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